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Helios Therapeutic Massage Oil contains over 20 analgesic compounds in a soothing, beautifully fragranced massage oil will surely take you and your clients to the Comfort Zone.

This special oil is for spot treatment of localized acute or chronic pain areas. Ideally used for therapeutic pain relief and tight muscles. Helps to increase performance in exercise or training and may be self-administered.
Excellent results when used with myofascial release therapy. Treat regional areas before or during massage.
The Helios blend of botanicals easily penetrates the skin to relax the muscles and quiet the nerves. Bruises, strains, leg cramps, etc melt away. Reduces the effort in massage sessions.


"I've been an LMT for over 10 years and I have never experienced a product so powerful. I found something that is not only extremely benificial for my clients but helps me to continue my practice more effortlessly. Helios Therapeutic Oil does so much of the "work". Now I use it every day and my clients love coming back for more" Terrie Q.

Proud AMTA Supporter


"I always ask clients if there are any specific areas needing to be addressed in our treatment session. I will then apply the Helios Therapeutic Massage oil to that particular area or areas, apply heat to allow the pores to open and allow quicker absorption while I start work on another area of the body. In returning to the area where I applied Helios the muscles are relaxed and I am able to work deeper with less trauma to the affected area. After the session I usually the same thing "What did you do to me? I cant believe how wonderful I feel."

In your business, profit and purpose go hand in hand. You create space for the enjoyment of life – you help clients “get away from it all” and you help clients with their healing and wellness process.

More often these days, pain of all sorts can be the reason a client comes to your spa. Or they may come to relax and enjoy the experience. However, experiencing pain during or after bodywork may cause a client to think twice before booking another appointment.

  • In your business, what do you do now for your clients’ painful or knotted areas?
  • What percentage of clients complain of painful areas or areas to “stay away” from?
  • Are your massage therapists in pain or are they comfortable working all day?
  • Have you been looking for an all-natural, botanical pain relieving massage oil to help both your clients and your therapists?

The Helios Pain Relief Spray and the Therapeutic Massage Oil are effective solutions to these problems. Therapists across the country are using it with deep tissue work, sports massage, hot stone therapy, chiropractic and other body manipulation work. It improves the effectiveness of all massage techniques, while helping and protecting the muscles and joints of your therapists. Arthritis pain, backaches melt away – the oil works hard so the therapist doesn’t have to. Pain relief is fast and long lasting. Client satisfaction ensures repeat business. And it smells good!

Helios products were awarded Most Creative New Product of the Year Award at the 2006 AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) National Convention.

Business Benefits with Helios

Use the Therapeutic Massage Oil on your clients - Sell the Pain Relief Spray to clients for home use.

  • A Helios Massage will create a memorable experience and an increase in repeat business
  • Store front – Eye catching Helios products display with tester
  • Clients will buy for themselves and as gifts for others
  • Helios product sales can add hundreds or thousands of dollars to your monthly sales

To understand the Helios advantage, try it your self and have your staff use the spray on their painful areas. Receive a massage and have your therapist treat your sore spots with the Therapeutic Concentrate. Prepare to be amazed.

The Boston Globe 

Arthritis - Massage effective against pain and joint stiffness
Monday, Dec. 18, 2006

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