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Cell Phone & Necklace EMF Harmonizers

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    Cell Phone EMF Harmonizer

    This piece of technology was designed using specific materials to harmonize and transmute the EMF cell phone signal. The composite material is a matrix of specific materials and geometries that are designed not to block the EMF signal but rather change the spin field (information field) to one that is harmonious. It can be placed in a variety of locations either directly on the phone itself or phone case. 

    Circular Cell Harmonizers:
    Size: 2” diameter (3/16” thick)

    Weighs: Only 0.5oz
    Attaches via adhesive backing (peel and stick)

    Rectagular Cell Harmonizer:
    The Rectangular Cell Harmonizers are specifically designed for people who charged their phones wirelessly (phones that charge without having to be physically plugged in). 

    Size: 3.5" x 2” (just under 3/16” thick)
    Weighs: Only 0.5oz
    Attaches via adhesive backing (peel and stick)

    EMF Harmonizer Necklace

    Harmonize the EMF radiation that you encounter in your environment with our EMF Harmonizer Necklaces. The harmonizing center of the necklace is the same size, weight, and design as our popular Cell Phone Harmonizers. The Harmonizer transmutes disharmonious, man-made EMF into a coherent, right-handed spin field. The necklace holders are 3D printed with non-toxic plant based filament. The wood holder option has wood grains, and the hemp has renewable hemp material in it. The Harmonizer pendant is 2-1/8” in diameter and comes on a 20" black cord necklace with clasp. Customize your necklace by selecting the Harmonizer design and holder style that you like best!

    Note: The necklace weighs 0.7 ounces, which may feel heavy to some. Please carefully consider your comfort and ability to wear a substantial pendant before making your purchase. The current offering includes a lobster style clasp. 

    The EMF Harmonizer Necklace pendant holds one of our Cell Phone Harmonizers. The Cell Phone Harmonizer securely and permanently adheres inside the pendant frame creating both a beautiful and functional necklace!

    The Cell Phone Harmonizer in the pendant transmutes dishamonious, man-made EMF into a coherent, right-handed spin field.

    All necklaces come with your choice of Cell Phone Harmonizer design and pendant frame to create the custom necklace style you desire!

    Made in Rhode Island, USA by Conscious Technologies LLC

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