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Cold Laser Therapy Device

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    Helios Cold or Low Level Laser Therapy Device

    This powerful Laser Therapy Device operates at 650 nm (nano meters) with a very unique feature of 100 points of light for a more powerful flow and vibrational coverage. It has almost no heat and is known as a “cold laser therapy”, or “low level laser therapy” (LLLT). The 650nm wavelength of this laser looks hot but is cool to the touch and is actually very soothing. A healthy cell vibrates at a range of 635Hz to 650Hz. This intense laser light acts as a tuning fork and helps to increase the vibration of the cells to a healthy level. This frequency of vibration travels the complete length of all meridian pathways and effects the whole body. Many professional therapists use cold laser therapy. This laser is easy to use and quite effective for the “body worker”, massage and reflexology therapists. It is also convenient to carry and can be used effectively by anyone.

    It is powered by two AAA batteries and is a handy, sturdy travel companion.

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    Please visit for the best and most complete video training on how to use the laser.  
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    Dr. Bill Cody explains the use of the "cold" laser and how it brings soothing comfort to muscles and joints" see the following video ...

    Please visit this link to learn how to use this laser or for more information please send us a message on our “Contact Us” page.

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    1. Great little device to aid in healing!

      My massage therapist used this on an area on my sternum that was tender with palpation and within seconds, the pain was gone. I bought one for myself recently and the first thing I did when I received the cold laser therapy device was use it on my feet because of some plantar tendon pain. I could feel tingling in my feet! It's a powerful, effective tool to aid and speed healing. It comes with a great full-color chart so you can try it along meridians. It's very portable and a great alternative to taking pain meds when all you may need is the effect this laser gives your cells to vibrate in health. The price is just right! Buy one and you'll be thrilled with it! on 5th Oct 2017

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