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Himalayan Hot Stone Massage Kit

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    Helios Himalayan Hot Stone Massage Kit

    Included in each (HHSKIT) Helios Himalayan Hot Stone Massage Kit: the warmer bowl w/60W bulb, and 5 oval & 1 heart massage stones.

    Exclusively made for Helios Health Products, this unique kit is perfect for “hot stone massage” because of the constant heat source (105 to 118). The Himalayan Pink Salt heating surface keeps the salt massage stones at the perfect temperature 24/7 (stones may be stacked and holds surface temperature) - always test the wrist first. It is known that Himalayan Lamps generate negative ions, which create a peaceful serene atmosphere and relaxes the body/mind. This, along with the “fire-light glow”, creates the perfect ambience for any massage room!

    All components are hand-crafted and 100% natural. These Helios Salt Crystal Stones are one of a kind and hand-crafted. Each Crystal Stone is totally unique in size and beauty. This Himalayan Pink Salt is the purest salt on the planet and actually comes from a 300 million year old, Jurassic era seabed.

    * IMPORTANT: When comparing warmers please note the height of the warmer. Most warmers do not provide enough heat because of the proper heat source needed! The Helios Warmer uses a 60w bulb where others use a 40w bulb. The Exclusive Helios Warmer is taller to fit the 60w bulb and is the only one available through Helios. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    Click Here for the Himalayan Hot Stone Massage Kit Instructions

    Benefits of the Exclusive Helios Himalayan Salt Stone Massage Kit:

    • Warm inviting ambiance to any massage room
    • Transdermal absorption of 87 trace minerals
    • Negative Ion Generator
    • Stand alone or a great spa menu addition to any hot stone massage
    • Grounds the body’s electromagnetic field, meridians and nervous system
    • Very little microbial cleaning needed. Salt does not support bacteria growth but a little alcohol or zero water base cleaner may be used for through cleaning. 

    Uses and Protocol – Utilizing the Himalayan Salt Stones:

    • The ultra glide with Helios Aromatherapy Massage and Body Oil is smooth and easy – less is better
    • Still placement with warm stones - opens blocked meridians and pours
    • Helios Spot Therapy Oil used with warm stones is miraculous for muscles, knots and trigger points
    • Turn on lamp light for 45 minutes prior to massage for best results – stays at the perfect temperature all day (105 to 118) and draws very little electricity
    • Rotate the use of the stones to keep them warm. Plan your usage. Buy extra stones to promote a longer protocol or placing more stones on the body.

    Maintenance of the Lamp & Stones:

    • Cleaning white salt residue – this occurs when there is too much humidity in the room - simply wipe off with a damp cloth. Salt attracts moisture. This will not occur if the lamp and stones are kept warm. When not in use, keep in a plastic bag and away from humidity.
    • Very little microbial cleaning is needed since alt does not support bacteria growth. Use alcohol or a zero, water based cleaner on each stone, as well as the surface of the warmer- wipe with dry wipe. Never clean salt stones with water or any water based cleaner!
    • Home Depot has replacement bulbs. Use a 60W, mini candelabra bulb.

    Proper care and maintenance of your Himalayan Hot Stone Massage Kit will ensure years and years of use. The stones never lose their properties.


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